Detached Work

Every week, Monday – Friday, afternoons and evenings, you will find us out and about on the streets of Smethwick and Sandwell most deprived wards which fall within the worst 10% of national scores, i.e. Soho & Victoria and Princes End neighbourhoods, sat in McDonalds, or sheltering somewhere from the rain(!!), meeting, chatting with and listening to young people. These meetings and conversations are the basis of our work and the beginning of all the other activities we plan with young people.

Support for BME Families & Individuals

We offer a range of support for BME Individuals and Families living across Sandwell: the project provides support for any BME family with specific needs including around health, education, housing, social services, or any other issue – a family referred to this programme can receive support from one of our family support workers, or signposted and supported to get specialist support from other local agencies.

The project also offers support, advice and guidance to any BME individual looking after a loved one.

Support for BME Children & Young People

If you are a child or young person from a minority ethnic background, you probably have the same needs as any other child or young person, just with a few extra dimensions!

E.g. your parents might not speak very good English, so they may struggle to help you with your schoolwork; you might be finding it hard to make friends in school, or may experience racism or bullying in school or in college; or you may be having lots of arguments with your parents about what you should wear, where you are allowed to go and so on…

At SYIA we have a team of trained and experienced youth workers who are also from diverse minority backgrounds themselves, meaning that they will understand what you are going through, and will have the skills to support you through it. Our youth workers currently work in most of the secondary schools in Sandwell and many of those in Smethwick – so if you ask your teachers if you could speak to a SYIA member of staff they should be able to let you know how and where to reach us. Or, you could simply contact our office’s email and we will get back to you very quickly.

In Smethwick, we have a Youth Drop In Centre which is open Monday to Friday from 3pm to 6pm. Here you can come drop in at any time, have a hot drink or use our IT suite, all in a safe, accessible and welcoming environment, supervised by our team of qualified youth workers.

Family Link Project

A project that supports BME young people and their families who are facing multiple challenges in their lives.

Sandwell Positive Street Project

A project that increases the understanding, confidence and resilience of young Muslims living in Sandwell.

Youth Get a Job Project

This is a drop-in project that helps young people aged 16-21 years old get the right skills to secure employment.