BME Sport

A project that increases BME young people’s participation in sport

Campus Children's Holiday

The campus children’s holiday project provides vulnerable children with the opportunity to participate in activities which would typically not be available to them as a result of poverty or social exclusion. On-site activities included team games, cooking, craft, and a bouncy castle. Off-site activities included horse riding, cycling, ice skating, beach visits and trampolining; pursuits which the children otherwise would not have been able to access.

Summer Fun (Multi Sports)

An annual Multi-sports sessions which takes place throughout the school holidays with fun games and sports activities, such as stick cricket, dodge ball, parachute games, rounders. The amazing summer weather means our sessions are more popular with many local children participating!

Girls' Dance Project

From time to time during the year, we run a 6-week dance project during which girls work with a professional dance coach to learn the art of street dance. Not only does this give the girls an opportunity to gain body confidence and keep fit, it also gives them space  to have conversations with SYIA workers to help them manage and work through pressures at school and friendship troubles.

School Holiday Fun

A play scheme project that runs sport activities during school breaks termly, targeted at BME, Refugee & Asylum-seeker children but open to all.

Picnic in the Park (July & August each year)

Over the summer, we plan 2 picnics with young people, which we hold in Victoria Park – involving lots of food, games and races. We have over 40 children and adults attending these.